Monday, 13 August 2018

School Holiday Days Out - Dunham Massey

Hi everyone! As we are well into the school summer holidays, I thought I would share some of the days out that we will have over the next few weeks!
We all struggle to find things to do and run out of ideas in the holidays so feel free to share any days out that you have here with us!

We've been really lucky that over the last year we bought a year pass for The National Trust days out so have been able to use that with the lovely weather that we've had! We still have this pass for the rest of the month.
The first one we've used the pass for this month is Dunham Massey Hall near Altrincham.
Not to bad to get to as its only about 40 minutes away for us and any longer is a nightmare in the car with the kids!
We could do with visiting here again soon as we didn't give ourselves enough time to see everything that we wanted to. There are gardens to walk around, a country house to see and deer in the grounds that you can walk right up to.

Day out at Dunham Massey
Dunham Massey

We got to visit the house and the kids got an activity to do as they walked around it. There was a room with lockers where we could leave the pram and borrow a hip seat to carry our youngest around with us!
The kids enjoyed looking around the different rooms and our 9 year old really enjoyed reading about the history of the house.

Next was a visit to the ice cream cafe for the kids and to pick up a drink. There is also a restaurant but it had already shut by the time we had finished at the house.
We took a lovely little walk around with our drinks and let the kids see the deer that you could walk right up to and get really close.    

Day Out At Dunham Massey
Day out at Dunham Massey                                                                                                                                                            Day out at Dunham Massey
The whole family said they would love to come back here again so we'll try to get another visit in again in the holidays!
Would love to see more of the gardens and if the weather is nice then a picnic would be perfect here!
Let us know of any days out you've had in the school holidays!

Speak soon!
Michelle xxx

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