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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Wedding Accessories - Should We Keep Them?

Should We Keep Our Wedding Accessories?

So I wanted to share this with you as I thought it may help someone else who is unsure about keeping any of their wedding accessories after the big day.

I see lots of couples selling or giving things away once their wedding day has gone and you can't blame them as we spend so much money on that one day, its good to be able to get some back or see items get used again!
Another reason that I see couples selling is because not many of us have a ton of storage space and we run out of places to hide everything.

Now my wedding was quite a while ago ( nearly 11 years! ) but I couldn't bring myself to get rid of my dress and accessories and always thought that maybe they could be used again?

So recently my oldest daughter made her communion and had picked out her dress, shoes and told me exactly how she wanted her hair ( she always knows what she wants! ) and didn't want a veil, gloves or tiara.
We was very organised until a couple of days before when she decided she might have her hair different and wear a tiara!
This led to me digging out my wedding tiara so that she could see how she felt wearing one and she loved it!
It looked perfect with her dress and she decided she wanted to wear that one.

Here's a picture of our wedding over 10 years ago and a picture of our oldest daughter a few weeks ago wearing the same tiara.
For me it's been lovely to see her wear the same tiara and to know that we've both used it on special occasions and she now wants to us to keep it for her younger sister to wear on her communion day.
I love that we have these pictures to look back on!

If you don't want to keep anything from your wedding then that's fine but if your not sure and think some items could be used again then you never know they may be used for another special occasion for your child or another family member.

My daughter is now saying she wants this tiara for her wedding day but I think she may change her mind  in around 20 years though once she looks back at how the fashion has changed over the years!

Let us know if you have used anything again from your wedding day or if you plan to keep items to pass on to someone else.

Thanks for reading!
Michelle xxx

Monday, 21 May 2018


Picking Your Wedding Venue

One of the biggest decisions you make with your wedding planning is picking your venue!
It takes a lot of your time to go round different venues that you both like to see how they look and what they can offer you for your special day.

Usually a large amount of your budget will go on your venue as this will sometimes include the food, drinks, dj etc so its important you find somewhere that covers all the things that you want.

We hear so many couples finding it difficult picking that perfect venue! This is why we've asked those that have already decided on theirs what they looked for in their venue and what they found to be important when making that big decision.

Most of our lovely couples had the same reasons and the one that came top of the list was -

Price - Everyone has some kind of price in mind that they would like to pay so budget was mentioned the most! Also lots of our brides and grooms said what was included in the price was also important such as food, chair covers etc

Location - Is your venue easy to get to for yourself on your wedding day? Think about the cost of cars for yourself and also will your guests be able to get there easy enough?
Will you want a hotel so your guests can stay over?

Photos - Next up was somewhere nice to take photos. Lots of couples look inside a venue and see what the rooms are like but don't think to see if there is anywhere suitable to take photos outside if the weather is good.

Venue Size - It's great if you find that perfect venue that you've always dreamt of but if you have 500 people on your guest list and your venue holds 100 then something needs to change! Either the venue or your guest list.

Promotion - We all love a bargain! If your not set on one venue then look around and see if there are any good deals to be had. This is perfect if you don't mind what time of year your wedding is or if your wedding is on a week day.

Decoration - Take a good look around inside as lots of our couples said decoration was important to them. It might be that your happy to get a venue dresser in anyway but if your not and don't want to spend out on this then check the inside carefully.

Hidden Costs - Are there any costs that you might not have thought about? Ask the venue that your visiting if there are any extras that you might need to pay out for later on or will the prices change at any time if you've booked early.
Feeling! - Do you have a good feeling about the venue your at? Can you imagine being there on your special day? Do you feel comfortable there?

So before you start to visit venues, sit down together and write down the things that you both want most and think about what is most important on that list.
Is there anything that you would change if you had to on that list? Could you change numbers, budget or dates etc

Let us know here at Pretty Things Wedding Blog what you want most from your venue or what did you look for if you already have yours booked? You might just help someone else when they look for their perfect venue!

Thanks everyone!
Michelle xxx

Friday, 27 April 2018

Old English Company - Wedding Gifts

Old English Company Pin Badges

Hi everyone! Hope your all busy with your wedding planning!!!
My post today is because I know a lot of you will be looking for little gifts and treats for your family, friends and wedding party sometime soon.
I also know lots of you ask for different ideas for these little gifts that don't cost the world!

This is why I wanted to share with you a fab website that I've come across that makes beautiful stationary and homeware!
If your looking for unusual little gifts for someone on your wedding day then take a look at the cute enamel pins that they've started to sell.
I think you might find a few treats that you'll want on your wedding gift list while your there!

I'm very excited to be placing an order with Old English Company and can't wait to share some of their products with you. Most of you know that I also make wedding accessories and I think these badges would be amazing on our wedding garter bows.

I'm thinking the Love and the Girl Gang pins would be perfect for your bridesmaids? or go for a sparkly heart or diamond pin badge that the mums can keep?

If you pop over to their website you'll find loads of other fun gifts such as make up bags, mugs, and something you can't have enough of when your organising a wedding,.... planners!!!

Take a look at their pin badges here Pin Badges to see the many different styles that they keep then enter the amazing competition that they're offering at the moment here - Pin Badge Competition!

I'll be back soon to share some of the lovely items that Old English Company send me! Let me know if you've already shopped here before or if you win the competition!!!

Michelle xx

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Top 10 Wedding Worries

Top 10 Wedding Worries!

Everyone who is planning a wedding or any special occasion will find certain parts of organising the day stressful!
I've heard lots of brides and grooms talking about the things they worry about and the parts of the day they are finding difficult to plan.

Ive recently asked brides and grooms what their biggest wedding worries are and found out that everyone is stressing about the same things!!!
Here are our top 10!

1. Money! - Yes I think we all knew this would be at the top of the list! What is our budget? who pays for what? how to save and should we diy?

2. Weather - Will it rain? Will it be too hot? Can we have our wedding day outside?

3. Problem Guest - Spoken about before on here is the problem guest! Should we invite them? Will they cause drama or trouble and make the whole day be about them?
The Wedding Guest!

4. Dress - So many people buy a dress then panic about still loving it nearer to the big day! Another worry is spilling drinks etc down the front.

5. No Shows - Will guests not turn up? or if they do will they be late! For my wedding I worried about guests not coming to the evening and I think that's because you don't get definite numbers back like you do for the day.

6. Guest List - Yes! Who doesn't love the amazing task of writing the guest list??? Who to invite? Numbers?

7. Table Plan - Sorry I got mixed up, this is everyone's favourite task! Where to sit everyone? Where to sit the problem guest?

8. Children - Another issue we've spoken about here that causes quite a bit of stress, Inviting children to your wedding or not? If it's adults only then how do you tell everyone!!!
Children At Weddings!

9. Gifts - Do we ask for gifts? Do we ask for money with a funny little poem? Do we ask guests to pay for the wedding day???

10. Wedding Party - Who to ask to be best man, bridesmaid, usher or to give the bride away? How the hell do we pick the people that we want without causing a nightmare with everyone else?

I know there are a ton of other worries when planning a wedding but I'm hoping this might help you see that lots of couples have the same problems and your not on your own!

Do you have any other problems that are stressing you out with your planning?
Let us know here! Don't forget to subscribe with your email address and get our posts sent straight to you!

Lots of Love
                        Michelle xx

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

10 Ways To Entertain Children At Weddings

So you've made the decision to have children at your wedding and you've just realised they need entertaining!!!
There's so many ideas out there of little things you can add to your wedding day to keep the children happy without breaking the bank or turning it into a kids party.

For my wedding day, we had chocolate fountains as they were really popular at the time and I made my own goodie bags to go on the tables for the meals and speeches.

Sweets will usually do the job! but if your looking for something a bit different then take a look at our 10 ways to entertain children at weddings.

1. Bouncy Castle - I've spotted loads of these wedding bouncy castles around recently! Kids will love it ( and probably most adults ) and you can hire them in white to match the wedding colours!

2. Sweet Cart - Kids love the idea of going up to the cart and picking out their own sweets to put in a little bag. Again the adults will also love this! Add popcorn or cookies to give a bigger choice.

3. Lego - Tubs or jars of lego on the tables or just on the kids table if your having it separate. Lego will keep kids busy for ages! Just warn the parents with really small children.

4. Anyone seen the kids tipi that can be hired? Love them! Put some cushions in there and some little games to play and they can make it a little den.

5. Books - Things I can see books are fab! They list all different items they might find through the day and they check them off as they spot them.

6. Outdoor Games - OK so this will depend on weather but mini golf, hula hoops and lawn games are fab in the summer.

7. Children's Activity books - Either make your own or you can buy them quite cheap online. Books with games, colouring in etc.

8. Ice Cream Cart - Again, lovely at a summer wedding! Kids and adults both love these and it will give you some amazing photos.

9. Card Making Table - Set up a little table were the children can make their own cards for the bride and groom or their own parents.

10. Balloons and bubbles - You can't fail with balloons!!! kids will play with them all day! probably better for in the evening though? Also bubbles are perfect and will make lovely pictures if you replace confetti throwing with bubbles.

There are loads of ideas out there to try! Let us know what you had at your wedding or what you will be trying on your day to keep the little ones entertained!

Thanks for reading!
                                  Michelle xx

Thursday, 11 January 2018

New Year!

Ok so I know it's a bit late but happy new year to everyone in my first post of 2018!

I'm sure lots of you can now say your wedding is this year and your ready to start your planning!
So exciting!!!
I've not posted as much over the last few weeks with Christmas and new year and the kids being off school but things are starting to get back to normal ish this week so I'll be back on here more.

I've also been busy with Pretty Things By Michelle recently sewing some new wedding garters and printing personalised ribbon with a ten month old baby at home and going back to what I started with, in the business before I had my maternity leave.
I've already started on some new items for this year for hen parties, not sure if you've seen the booty veils? I love them! So fun and something a bit different.

Lots of ideas and new things I'd love to do on here this year starting over the next few weeks before the kids are off again!
I'd really like to include children and families on here somehow as its what I spend a ton of my time doing, I'm just not sure how yet so we'll see.
Let me know if you have any ideas!
I have 3 children from teenager age to a young baby so have lots I could share about on here!

I have included a picture without the teenager as he would never forgive me if I shared a photo of him on here! Think I probably need to persuade him with money?

I've also added a picture of myself for anyone who is new to the blog so you have some idea of who your talking to 👍

Speak soon!
                     Michelle xx

Monday, 16 October 2017

Pretty Bouquet Gifts

Bouquet Review - Home Bargains Flowers

Hi everyone!

I wanted to share with you a little treat that I received in the post last week as I think it may be helpful to lots of you on here.
I received a beautiful bouquet from Home Bargains Flowers and if I'm honest I only found out recently that they sold flowers with home delivery.

They arrived boxed and stored perfectly keeping the flowers fresh ready to display once opened.
The quality of the flowers was excellent and the arrangement was lovely!
They came with a leaflet to explain how to display them and how to trim them to size to keep them looking fab.

The second picture I have taken is a week after the order was received so that you can see how well they have lasted!
The colours are so pretty and look beautiful together!
It's so easy to order! Pop over to Home Bargains Flowers and take a look at the large selection of bouquets to choose from starting at around £9.99 each with free delivery.

Choose a size, so you can order a bigger bouquet if you want and then add any extras such as a vase, teddy or balloon.
Enter the message you want on your card, pick a delivery date and your done!

Ideal for sending flowers to your family and friends, especially if they don't live close to you.

              Michelle xx